Stop being a close minded child

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Alright ya’ll, seriously, stop being petty childish idiots. We are all adults, we can have an adult conversation, if we share a common interest like kettlebells or olifting or rowing or business ownership or cars or guns or whatever, maybe we were friends in high school, if you can’t handle having an adult conversation with me or you don’t agree with my politics, you are more than welcome to unfollow me, I am not asking you to or telling you to, but if you choose to because we disagree that’s ok it just means you can’t handle someone else’s views and opinions and beliefs, you are a close minded child and most likely low on intelligence.

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who disagree with my views and opinions, most of the time we don’t even talk about it, we just go on about our lives knowing that while we are friends and we share some interests, we just have a different opinion or belief about something, and that’s ok!!! Maybe you are a different color than me, maybe you worship Satan, maybe you are gay or maybe you are asexual, maybe you live off an all meat diet or maybe you are vegan, whatever, I don’t really care. Are you a good person? That’s all I care about. Can you have an adult conversation, even if it gets a little heated? Can you discuss why you feel or believe a certain way? Yes? Awesome let’s be friends and lets talk! Can’t handle it? BYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE!

Yesterday I received a message from a friend, a fellow coach and lifter, discussing politics and voting, we have different views, we talked at length, sometimes serious and sometimes joking, we are still friends and I will still lift next to him and eat at the same table and go shoot some guns with him any day of the week. An hour later I received the exact same message asking who I was voting for, from another acquainance in the fitness world, but soemone I have never met in person, I literally copy and pasted the same exact information and thoughts I sent to my first friend, the response I got was fucking hilarious “I been skirting around the idea of unfollowing for awhile now. Think today is the day.”

OK BYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE! The need to tell me you are unfollowing me based on my beliefs and opinions is seriously the most close minded childish shit I have ever seen. I love politics and I love talking and even having a little arguing about politics, but some people have drank the red or the blue koolaid by the gallon and it has seeped into their brain and they can’t even see or hear the other side. But when you can’t having a conversation, when you can’t keep our mutual interest and put aside opinions and beliefs unrelated to our mutual interest, when you feel the need to tell me you are unfollowing me, seriously, just pick up your ball, stomp your feet, and go the fuck home.

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